Makeup by Maura Z

professional freelance makeup artist 

Price Listing

Discounts are available!!

Weddings: Starting at $60, no airbrush.

Airbrush & full face makeup application is $100 for bride, and $75 for extra members in the bridal party. Also available for bachlorette & bridal parties! Please inquire!

Films: Varies, but for small productions I will charge $30 per hour, for airbrush application there will be an extra $35 charge per person.

Special Effects & Face Painting: Varies on desired makeup look's intensity. Minimum for full face is $15 for a basic look.

Prom: Starting at $45 per person. Airbrush application is $65, includes full face of makeup

Classes (Learn how to do Makeup): $50 per hour, Maximum 2 hours per day. Airbrush classes are a separate charge, starting at $75 per hour.

Homecoming: Starting at $25 per person. Airbrush application cost is $45 and includes a full face of makeup.

Photo shoots/Senior Pictures: $25 per person, airbrush available upon request for an extra $20.

Fashion Shows: Starting at $50 per model, airbrush application is an extra $15 charge.

Custom Looks:

*Includes personalized face chart for you to keep and listing of products to buy and recreate the look! Pricing varies upon client's needs.

Other Special Events: Starting at $20, Varies on details of client's needs.

Parties (Wedding Related,, Non wedding related & baby showers): Starting at just $20 per person!

Eyelashes & Application: $15 (Strip only), $5 if they are your own for application

free with makeup application if they are your own. If I must provide them, there will be an extra charge.

Facials: Complementary with any makeup application upon request!

Demos: Complementary for any Bride, or small event.  Extra parties four or less: $25 Parties six or more: $35 upfront for a wedding. Consultation is free.

Travel Fee: $7 one time charge if the destination is not within 25 miles of my location.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $40 cancellation fee and you must let me know at least two days before the event. 

Demo Policy

If you have me do a demo of the makeup, and decide not to use my services, there will be a $35 charge for the practice.

Wedding & Event Policies

A deposit of $50 will be charged upon your demo date should you choose to use me as an artist. This will be deducted out of the total cost for your services. I accept CASH ONLY for all events, including weddings. The final payment will be due the date of your event after makeup application for all members of the party. 

A contract will be distributed during our first consultation and will describe policies in greater detail. Should you choose not to accept terms, no makeup application will be provided.